Digitising Finance
for the Future

LDX, leaders in financial innovation, are now creating a digital eCosystem that will support investment, wealth creation and management, trading and settlement, investor relations and corporate reporting in a simple, cost-effective agile system.

Portfolio Manager

The eFolio Digital Portfolio Manager is a two-way tool for investors, companies and funds. It provides a simple, cost-effective tool for investors to track their portfolio and companies to manage both their investor relations and corporate reporting requirements on one platform.

LDX Crowdfunding

Coming Soon
eFolio Crowdfunding will be a marketplace for businesses and investors to benefit from introductions via LDX technology. Investments will be in a kick-starter / crowdfunding style manner and tightly linked with our eFolio Digital Portfolio Manager. Our goal is to allow businesses to easily raise capital from a network of interested, existing investors from within the LDX eCosystem. The introductions will be made taking a number of parameters into account, including, but not exclusive to; location, industry, contacts, Social, Environmental and Ethical criteria.

Digital Securities

Coming Soon
LDSX will be our regulated market for digital securities. Subject to Regulatory Approvals, we will provide a market for traditional and innovative financial products in digital format.

Digital Asset
Exchange (LDAX)

Coming Soon
LDAX is our exchange for the digital representation of physical assets, such as commodities. As these have a different technological and regulatory requirement, we have added this as a separate solution to our regulated securities exchange (LDSX).
Our aim is to revolutionise the way we understand and operate a traditional exchange by
using our unique
eCosystem through our years of experience and technology.


LDXI is the LDX rewards coin, providing a wide range of redemption opportunities and tools across the LDX eCosystem. It will be listed on the LDX Digital Currency Exchange and generated through the use of LDX services, as well as bought through LDX. It can then be used to gain discounts for services within the LDX eCosystem and through its members.